Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This website www.czartech.in or any other affiliate website of ours, including any digital medium, is provided by Kolostahl India to the people accessing this website.



The Domain name www.czartech.in is a website owned and operated by Kolostahl India, A firm established under law of India with our registered office at BF 2, Scheme No. 74C, Vijaynagar, Indore (MP) 452 010.

The terms and conditions mentioned below governs the usage of this website. We own the primary rights to alter, replace, add or remove completely or any portion of content, product description available on this website without any prior notification that includes terms of use, privacy & other policies mentioned on this website. The responsibility to first check out the policy & terms of use is solely yours for their may be any updates at any point of time. Your using this website is proof that you agree with these terms and conditions.

We will not be held responsible for your usage of any information or material on this website, also we are not bound to ensure that the information or material available online meets you specification.


What we sell!

www.czartech.in houses widest variety of unique, trendy & high quality mobile & electronic accessories under premium yet affordable range. Once we receive your order for any product that we sell, www.czartech.in will ship the order to you and will be entitled to its payment for the service


Third Party Websites

www.czartech.in is an active participant on third party websites & apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. We use these websites only to share content related to our products and for listing purposes. We are not responsible for the content these websites might list on our website. We take no responsibility and deny any & all liabilities for the content that may be posted on such third party websites by users of such portals including any type of comments posted by them. Neither we nor any third party will warranty the accuracy of the information and products offered by these websites. You agree and acknowledge that any such information and products might have some errors or inaccuracies at any point of time.


Privacy of your Information

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your personal information is treated as an asset by our company and we serve to keep it confidential. However, it is possible that under certain circumstances we might use it for internal records, to improve our products & services, promote our new products or information we might find interesting, to connect with you for research purposes etc. It can be done via email.

We ensure every reader, visitor & buyer that we are committed to make sure that your personal information is safe with us. To do so, our team has put up some special procedures to safeguard and secure your personal information.

Accuracy of the Products

Despite our efforts of doing what’s best with the images and colours displayed on our website, still those are for illustrative purposes only. We don’t guarantee that what we display from here will reflect on your computer’s or mobile’s screen. The items you are looking at online might vary slightly from the images on our website. All specifications mentioned in the product description size, colour, measurements etc. of the displayed products are approximate. We put in all efforts we can to ensure the pricing & details of each and every product are as accurate as possible.



We take good care to ensure that the pricing mentioned on the website is accurate. We also agree that despite making all the efforts there may be some errors, in which case prior information will be provided to you if an order has been placed by you. If in case you want to cancel the order subject to the error being acknowledged, we would willingly help you and refund the amount (if already paid). In case we cannot get in touch with you we would cancel the order for you.


Price Difference & Changes

Kolostahl India sells CZAR brand onf mobile accessories through various channels such as distributors, retailers, www.czartech.in and other e-commerce platforms. Our proructs are sold on other e-commerce platforms from by our re-sellers as well. There may be differences in prices of the same products sold on diferent platforms and channels.

The prices of the products on our website may changes from time to time without any prior notification. These changes will not take effect on the orders that have been already dispatched. The price of a product includes VAT (or similar applicable tax) at prevailing rate for which we as seller are responsible.


Payment Procedure

The payment procedure defined by us carries out a standard pre-authorization check on every payment card to check availability of sufficient funds in order to complete the order & the buying process. After we are done with this pre-authorization check the amount will be debited from your account to complete the order cycle. This is applicable only for purchases made on www.czartech.in through online payment mode.

For COD Payments, the customer will be asked to pay the invoice amount at the time of delivery. We may apply COD charges to orders at different periods. The charge for COD will appear on your invoice as Shipping & Handling Charges.

We do not accept any demonetised Indian currency.

We do not to provide COD payment facility for all locations in India due to serviceability limitations. In case of orders, where COD service is not available, we shall seek a alternative delivery address from the customer. We shall ship the product to the alternative address, provided it is serviceable for COD and delivery service. In case of no serviceability, we shall cancel the order and inform the customer.


Product Delivery

Our product delivery and pick-up service serves a wide array of locations (pin codes) across India but does not service all pin codes in India. In case of orders from un-serviceable pin-codes, we shall try to ship your order through a different delivery service or cancel the order due to inability to service the same. In such a case, we shall inform you before cancelling. In case you have a different delivery address, then we would be glad to ship to the different delivery address based on the serviceability of the location.


Usually most of our orders are delivered in less than 6 working days, however, in some cases and in times of high selling periods, the delivery might take more time due to manpower and logistical limitations.


We Sell in India Only

Any and every product available on www.czartech.in website are solely for the purpose of sales in India. For if anybody from outside of our country accesses our website and orders will not hold www.czartech.in responsible for delivery or refund of the products.


Returns & Refunds

We accept returns of products in case they are faulty / damaged or different from the ordered item.  In any other case, czartech.in will proces return reqeusts subject to deduction of applicable costs incurred in processing the return. They are detailed below.


Requesting a Return

The procedure for requesting a return in outlined in our FAQs section.


Return Policy

Time Limit

Customers can return products a maximum of 7 days from the date of delivery of the order.


For Mobile Phone Cases, Power Banks, Sync & Charge Cables

In case the product is different from the one ordered or is damaged, customer will receive a replacement subject to the return request being raised within 7 days of the delivery date. The replacement will be done after the original product is returned along with the packaging. Replacements  & Refunds for returns may attract deductions in-lieu of return processing costs, wherever applicable. Please read the Refund Amount & Applicable Deductions section below for more details.


For Tempered Glasses

Czartech recommends customers to get tempered glasses applied on their devices from professionals / mobile phone service experts who have experience in applying tempered glasses.

Tempered Glasses can be returned only in case the tempered glass is of a different device than the one ordered. Before, opening the package, please check the model of the phone mentioned on the rear side of the packaging. If it does not match with the one ordered, please raise a return request. The item will be replaced.

Return Requests for Tempered Glasses will not be accepted if the product packaging is opened. Once opened, product will be considered as used and not fit for return or re-sale.


Refund Amount & Applicable Deductions

In case of return where the customer does not like the product, the return will be processed subject to deduction of the following costs.


  1. Return Shipping Charges *                                   :           Rs. 70 / unit
  2. Return & Refund Processing Charges **           :          Rs. 30/ unit
  3. Repacking Charges ***                                         :          Rs. 20 / unit
  4. Refund Cheque ****                                                :        Rs. 50 / order
  5. COD Charge *****                                                    :        Rs. 50 / order


Refunds shall be processed within 3 weeks of receipt of the returned item. In case the product is received in not saleworthy condition, Czartech.in will not refund any amount.



  • * This accounts for the costs incurred in return pick up, documentation and shipping back to our warehouse and taxes paid on this service.
  • ** This accounts for the return processing costs, inspection of returned product and packaging, re-packing and refund transaction processing.
  • *** This is applicable if the product is returned without packing OR the packing is received in damaged / not saleworthy condition.
  • **** Only applicable for COD Orders where the customer does not want to share bank account details and wants refund via cheque.
  • ***** COD Charge of Rs. 50/- collected at the time of delivery will not be refunded since the cost of the COD service would have been incurred before the return request is placed. This deduction would only apply to order placed through COD payments.


Returns of Products Ordered under Combo Offers

In case of Combo / Promotional Offers wherein 2 or more products are purchased through a single offer, the following policy rules will apply in case of a return.

  • When only one product is being returned, out of the few that have been ordered the combo offer will be considered null and void and the product that is not being returned will be considered sold at its original selling price (notwithstanding the combo offer). Further, deductions applicable to the product being returned will apply as per the above policy.
  • In case one product has been shipped free along with another in case of a combo offer, then in case of a return request, the customer must return both the products (the paid one and the free one) in saleworthy condition along with the packaging. In the absence of any of these, the return request would be considered cancelled.


Refunds for Pre-Paid Orders

For Pre-Paid orders, the refund amount will be credited back to the account from which the payment was received after applicable deductions.


Refunds for COD Orders

We do not make any cash refunds. For COD orders, refunds shall be deposited in the bank account of the customer. The admin will seek your bank account details for making the payment. Please communicate the following details for refund transaction :

Name of Beneficiary                                              :

Name of the Bank                                                  :

Type of Account (Salary / Savings / Current)    :

Account Number                                                    :

IFSC Code                                                                  :

Branch                                                                       :


We do not ask for any passwords from customers. Customers are requested not to share any passwords or Unique PIN Numbers with any of our staff or in any of your email correspondence. Kolostahl India / Czartech.in shall not be liable for any theft of your bank account information.

In case the customer is not comfortable in sharing the bank account details, we can send the refund amount by means of cheque at an additional cost of Rs. 50/-. The customer will need to authorise this charge prior to the refund processing by writing an email to support@czartech.in with order details and dispatch address for the cheque.


Copyright, Content & Intellectual Property Rights

All and every intellectual property rights regarding the products available on our website shall be owned by us only. You understand clearly that all images, information, designs, text, data, music, background scores, messages, videos or any other marketing material posted, submitted, published, displayed etc. whether publically or privately relayed, is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. www.czartech.in shall always will make all possible efforts to keep the interest and rights of the designers’ safe with regards to their respective work.


Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the applied laws of India without reference to conflict of laws, principles and in the event of any disputes in relation hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.



You in all cases agree to indemnify, defend and hold our firm, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents & their successors, affiliates harmless from and against liabilities, all third party claims, damages, losses, expenses & costs, attorney’s fees caused by your usage of this website or any actions or inactions taken by you which may result in breach of warranties, representations etc. in reference to non-fulfillment of any of your obligations that come under Terms & Conditions or any violation on your part of the applicable laws.


Violation & Termination of Your account

You agree that it is our sole discretion to terminate/block your access to the website including any future accesses you might be interested in, without prior notice if we determine that you have violated the mentioned Terms & Conditions or any other policies available on this portal. In case your access to this website has been terminated, you shall still be held liable to pay for any services you have already ordered till the time of any such termination.

In case of any queries, requests, comments regarding our Terms of Use/Terms & Conditions or our website kindly contact us at support@czartech.in